The Unlocker

Has your Windows operating system ever bugged you with this error message:


And oh no, not just that one! I'm talking about any one of these pesky messages:

These can sometimes be fixed by closing the application that is using the file. But, for all the other times, it may be the work of spyware, a virus or just that Windows is being grouchy. Well, after today, you can say goodbye to those error messages. Yep, they will no longer exist with a new program called Unlocker!

Unlocker allows you to unlock the processes that are preventing you from deleting, renaming, opening or editing your files. By doing that, you are put back in control of your computer. So, when you're ready for that, come along with me!

1.) First, download and install Unlocker from this link: 2

2.) Next, right click the file that is giving you trouble and select the Unlocker option.

3.) If the folder or file has been locked, the list of "lockers" will appear.

4.) Select Unlock All and you will be free to do whatever you want with your files. You can delete, rename, move them somewhere else or edit them. The choice is yours!


Let me tell you, this program can be a real headache reliever!
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