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Have you ever gotten a document or an image from someone and when you go to view it, you realize you don’t have the correct application to view the content? I have and I find it a little annoying to have to go out on the Web and look for some stand alone viewer application just so I can open that one file. Not to mention, if you do download something that will allow you to view the file, you may have to deal with spyware, promotions or the unintentional installation of other piggy backed programs.

So, then there’s the question of "Is this new application going to take over my file association for other files on my system"? or "Is it going to run at start up, slowing my system down to look for updates every time it detects an Internet connection"? It may seem like I’m inducing a little panic here and maybe I am, but this is all true and it can turn something as simple as listening to some Ogg Vorbis sound file from your friend into a chore that may not even seem worth the effort.

And that’s exactly why this week's download is so great. It’s called Universal Viewer and it does just what the name implies. Universal Viewer (or ATViewer, as they call it) is a small application that gives you access to tons of file formats, so you don’t have to go hunting through your system or the Web to find the proper program, just in order to open the file. How convenient is that?! It’s not just for text documents and images either. You can view multimedia files, such as audio, flash and video all from one program. Why didn’t somebody think of this sooner?!

Universal Viewer is also unicode compatible, which allows it to integrate with Windows. That way, you can call the program up from the action menu by right clicking on the file and choosing Universal Viewer.

On its own, this program can open nearly anything you would ever need. Take a look for yourself.

Universal Viewer Without Plug-ins

° Text/Binary/Hex/Unicode: All files with unlimited file size (even 4 GB+ sizes are allowed).
° RTF/UTF-8: RTF and UTF-8 encoded texts.
° Image: All general graphic formats, including BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TGA, TIFF, etc.
° Multimedia: All formats supported by MS Windows Media Player, such as AVI, MPG, WMV, MP3, MIDI and so on.
° Internet: All formats supported by MS Internet Explorer, like HTML, XML, DOC, XLS, etc.
° Plug-ins: All formats supported by Total Commander Lister plug-ins.

The last entry is referring to a file managing program called Total Commander. Universal Viewer integrates with this, giving the user a very flexible and complete file management suite of, I guess you could say, applications. I will showcase Total Commander next week, so stay tuned for that!

So, if you come across a lot of documents that your system just can’t seem to open, you may want to give Universal Viewer a try. It may make things a little easier on you!

You can download Universal Viewer here.

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