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Today’s Subject: Customizing the Windows 7 Notifications Area

Windows 7 made a number of changes to the way that Windows worked. It also made some small ones — for example, the Windows Taskbar’s Status Area is now called the Notifications Area. No matter what we call it, it’s the area that is at the bottom right-hand corner of the monitor (in the default location of the Taskbar).

In the past, we could hide unused icons. We could also hide individual icons, if the individual program added that function to the icon it installed in the status area / notification area.

Windows 7 gives us more control, if we want to use it…

We can get to the dialog box in a couple of ways. One is via Start Menu and its Control Panel display. But, the other way is a lot easier. So, we right-click on either the expansion triangle, which would show all the active icons in the Notification area, or we can right-click on the Date & Time section.

The popup menu gives us a number of general options. The one we want is Properties, so left -click on it.

Clicking on Properties opens a dialog box that gives us a limited form of the controls, on which we can change the Windows system’s icons in the area: the Clock, Volume, Network, Power and Action Center icons.

Those options are limited to turning the icon’s display On or Off.

The important link is the "customize notification icons" link. That opens the dialog box that allows us to change all the Notification Area icons that various programs have created.

The options for the customizing the programs icons are more helpful. For each icon, we have the choices to show it and its notifications, to hide it and its notifications, or to hide the icon and show notifications.

The other important thing let’s you get out of trouble easily — it’s a link to restore the way the icons perform by default.

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