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I have been in the industry with my own company since 1994. The entire time I have worked in this field there have been very few times any two techs ever agree completely. The advice I give here is based on my experiences, testing, and what I know works.

Today’s Subject: Google’s ChromeBook (Pros and Cons)

Google has somewhat managed to stick to its promised timeline for Chrome OS. It recently released the most awaiting operating system i.e. Chrome OS. Google has pre-loaded this operating system in Samsung and Acer notebooks. Chrome operating system is the Google’s attempt to develop a Cloud oriented Operating system. Here is the review on the positive and negative points of Chrome OS.

Boots in just 8 seconds. Google has worked hard to decrease the booting time of Chrome OS and sticked to its prediction of fast booting.

websites load quickly and run smoothly with full support for the latest web standards and Adobe® Flash®.

Built in Wi-Fi and 3G to connect from anytime and anywhere.

Chrome OS users need not to worry about security as Google has adopted “defense in depth” technology to provide multiple layers of protection, including sandboxing, data encryption, and verified boot.

Stored data can be accessed by any other ChromeBook in case your ChromeBook is stolen or damaged. Therefore it is not required to back up the data.

Tremendous battery life to serve you all the day.

1.ChromeBook is nothing but the Google ‘s Chrome Browser installed in a notebook so one should always think before buying this.

2.In Chrome Book it is not possible to install Microsoft Office or any other application you may need for your business. You must only work with Google’s office products and store your data online.

3.Gamers are disappointed with Chrome OS as they can’t play the games from their hard drives.

Only the online games can be played by Chrome OS.. Oops!..

4.The Chrome OS does not recognize all of the file extensions that a normal computer would. Ex: m4v, mov, wmv, mp3, etc.

5.The Chrome OS project is still in beta so one may get unknown bugs while using it.

Overall the Chrome Book is not suitable for power users and the device what we use to work can’t be replaced by Chrome Book. Only the people who need change and are ready to spend 500$ may give it a try. If you only work online and need to save your time then Chrome Book is an ultimate device.

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But, I found the advertising to alluring and wanted to know what all the hype was about, I myself would rather have a Kindle Fire, or tablet over a computer that ONLY browses the web.

I am always about saving money and not spending it on things you don't need to

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