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I have been in the industry with my own company since 1994. The entire time I have worked in this field there have been very few times any two techs ever agree completely. The advice I give here is based on my experiences, testing, and what I know works.

Today‟s Subject: Windows 8

I am getting a lot of inquiries on Windows 8

I believe that Windows 8 works on Cell Phones and tablets because it is touchscreen-orientated. But, I am not convinced it belongs on a working full sized computer. Even the death of DOS and it‟s replacement by Win2000 and XP, was not nearly as earth-shattering as these differences.

Windows 7 features removed in Windows 8

1.The first thing any Windows user will notice is that the Start Button has been removed. The Start Menu too has been removed, and replaced with instead the Start Screen, which is the first thing you see when you log in to Windows 8. You also HAVE to have a LIVE ID log in to get into your own computer. There are bypasses, but it should not be linked to an email address. For instructions on how to install Windows 8 – here is a step by step (with pictures) guide.

2.Desktop Gadgets have been removed too, along with the Sidebar. While the Sidebar existed in Windows 7, it was not „on‟ by default. Again, you can turn it on, but it is not simple.

3.The Windows Explorer has undergone a major change. The command bar is gone and replaced with a ribbon. It is now referred to as File Explorer, not easy to get used to, and not as easy to find at first.

4.You won‟t see the Games Explorer, because the focus is now on Games as Apps, and therefore, Microsoft may have decided to do away with it. Everything is going to be Apps without the ease of adding them. In Windows 8, there is no “play store‟ or Apps store as the smartphones or tablets have.

5.The Windows Basic and Windows Classic themes have been removed. The Aero Glass theme with transparent windows borders has been done away with. You now have a Metro Style theme with windows borders matching the hue of the wallpaper. It is VERY limited and not attractive in my opinion at all.

6.Press Windows Key+Tab to cycle through the apps in the “switcher”. Flip 3D too is gone. Keeping pace with the times and the Metro, you now have a Metro or Modern Switcher which gets activated. If you were to use Windows 8, I suggest you print out this If you need to learn this horrible OS, it will be your best friend.

7.The Windows DVD Maker has been removed, forcing you to buy a DVD recording program, excuse me- APP… Free Studio is an example of a free program to make DVD‟s, but to list these would be another article.

8.DVD playing feature has been removed from Windows Media Player. It will however be possible to play DVDs in Windows Media Center, the free program/app VLC media player still beats trying to navigate the Windows Media Center hands down. In Windows 8 you have to BUY the Windows Media Center separately, because neither comes with the system.

9.The scary Blue Screen of Death has been dropped to make way for a more friendly looking Blue Screen, which displays a sad emoticon, minimal information and an Error code. I have mixed feelings on this, but I find it a bit insulting, it is as if they are speaking to a child.

10.Parental Controls have been improved upon to take on a much wider role. It now comes in a new avatar called Family Safety.

11.The “Windows Updates are available” icon is no longer visible in the taskbar. In versions of Windows 7 and earlier, you could choose to have Windows inform you of available downloads, but not download them. It would then give you an icon in your taskbar notifying you they were available. Now, you will see a notification in the bottom right corner of your login screen letting you know when updates are downloading. It no longer gives you the choice to install them when it is convenient to you, they will download and install whether you want them to or not.

I am sure that there must be many more Windows 7 features, which have been removed in Windows 8, I will keep learning it to be informed only. I do not like the Windows 8 operating system for working full size computers. It is ok for phones and tablets (toys that are for casual computer use), not for serious workers that just need to get a job done.

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