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I have been in the industry with my own company since 1994. In the entire time I have worked in this field it has been very few times any two techs ever agree completely.

What advice I give here is based on my experiences, testing and what I know that works.


I am going to write today on how tech, can save you a tremendous amount of money. If you have an internet connection, you have the ability to use that internet connection alone for all your entertainment needs. Your ISP is NOT going to offer or even support these methods, for it will cost them money, just so you are aware what an ISP, cable,

satellite company will tell you.


1.    Your television viewing – WITHOUT cable, satellite, or air broadcast – just internet

a.    With your internet connection, you can watch all the shows that are on normal broadcast TV with VERY few exceptions.


Let’s start with (my personal favorite).

Hulu is a website and over-the-top free and subscription service offering ad-supported on-demand streaming video of TV shows, movies, webisodes and other new media, trailers, clips, and behind-the-scenes footage from NBC, Fox, ABC, CBS, Nickelodeon, and many other networks and studios. There are dozens more, too many to list in this article today. There are several ways to get this to your living room TV also.


          a. You can put a VGA/Audio Cable from your computer or laptop to your computer.

b.  You can put a box, no monthly fees ever for the box, like these Roku, Google TV, AppleTV, and Boxee (to name only a few), I use Roku, it is VERY simple to install and use, and about the size of your palm, these all are HD quality.


Enough on TV viewing that is enough for now to get your imagination and curiosity going.


1.    For your Phone, there are again SEVERAL choices. (Not using local phone service, cable service, or satellite service just like with TV viewing) If you are using cable phone service, it is STILL VOIP service – they hesitate to tell you that, it is on your internet service, just an additional charge for it.)


Let’s start with NetTalk MY personal favorite, it connects to your router, which has a regular modular phone end on it to plug into your phone (and they make a wireless model). For a one time price (50.00) and for one entire year of US and Canada (Pedro Rico) you get unlimited talking. Now some of the other competitors out there are magicjack, Ooma, Skype, google voice.


There is Vonage – LOTS of ads for Vonage, used it when it first came out, did not like it. The price IS monthly, contracts, have to pay to disconnect, even when your contract is up, you might as well pay a local phone company, and the customer service was awful.


All these products are off your internet service, if your internet service is slow (under 1.5mb download), or intermittent you are not going to have a good experience doing this, for the internet goes out, your phone and TV will be out.


That being said, this is just food for thought. I DO not represent or work for any of the companies I have mentioned.  These two services taken off your monthly bill can save you over a $150.00 dollar a month or more.


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